NGS analysis workflow

4 simple steps from sequencing to biological interpretation.

1. Order

Use our webshop or contact us to order the package you want. We will send you a hard disk pre-formatted for your system so you can use it immediately.

2. Copy

Copy your sequencing data onto the hard disk. We will send you instructions which files we need to run the mapping and how to make sure they are in the right format.

3. Send

Just put the hard disk back into its packaging, place the provided free return label on top and have it collected from your site. It will directly be sent to Genomatix.

4. Analyze

The disk containing all the results will be delivered to your doorstep once the mapping is complete. If you booked any of the "variants" or "biology complete" packages, you will also get an account on our servers, so you can use the full power of our software for the biological interpretation of your results. From any computer running an internet browser. Anywhere.